It's amazing, and hilarious, what you'll find on They have some of the funniest definitions for stuff on the net. I happen upon it from time to time, but today I started randomly putting words in. When I typed in 'nerd' the results were so funny, I had to share with my nerdy sisterhood.


They have a bunch of nerd-related words, but one of my favorites is "NERD BURN." They have three definitions for NERD BURN:

  1. "An insult towards a non-nerd that makes a reference only nerds would understand."
  2. "Medical condition known only to video game nerds. 
    Happens when a nerd is rotating their xbox 360 controller joystick so violently, they actually get a burn in the center of their hand. Similar to carpet burn, but on a much nerdier, less skanky scale."
  3. "When your so pale and you get sunburned so bad but have parts of your body that are still pale."

Each definition has an example sentence with it. 


I found these definitions to be funny, because they're true. Although, my first nerd burn wound was from an Atari. That's just how I roll. 

If you have some time and need a laugh, I highly recommend checking out 


What are some of your favorite sites for geeky fun?


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