As nerds from near and far expected, Apple unveiled the second generation iPad at a company event today.  It will appropriately be called the iPad big surprise there. 


Also, as speculated by techies around the globe, the iPad 2 will feature cameras on both the front and back of the unit making it convenient to use the sweet gadget to take part in video conversations from virtually anywhere. And, since all girls know, size does indeed matter, this badboy will be 1/3 thinner than the original version.


The new units will be shipped out on March 11 and will have similar price tags as the original model (starting at $499). The iPad 2 will be available in white and black. If you're into extras, you can score some optional add-on features, like a port for HDMI video ($39) and a case ($39) that will automatically shift the iPad to sleep mode if it's covered.


The iPad 2 will operate on both Verizon and the AT&T network.





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