i was queen of the nerds in high school: i played in the marching band since i'm 12. i wore glasses. i was (and still am, really) Black back when it wasnt cool to be Black. i sang in the chorus. i was president of the chorus. i took advanced courses all thru school. i sucked at athletics. i walked, ok ran, into the wall in gym class while trying to play Bball. I was the female Urkel.

i taught archery. i was a girl scout. all the things that screamed DORK spelled my name as a kid.

but then guess what? i grew up and it didnt matter. then it became cool to be a geek. geek chic, they called it. heck i'd been geek chic all my life!

i am queen of the nerds. nerd queen. whatever. you gotta be proud of what you are, right?


i'm running with the big dogs.

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Comment by Jessi Arias-Cooper on February 9, 2011 at 5:23pm

Delicious! We were all nerds, too. I was a total fine arts geek.  Well, and math team, scholastic bowl, spanish club. 

In high school, my friends and I didn't party, we played euchre.  We didn't go party over spring break, we went on a band trip. And we wouldn't have done it any other way. 

I never apologized for it then, and am surely not going to begin now. I'm geek chic, too.

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