I found I have loved Glee ever since I watched the pilot. I was a fan on the first airing, and I had to wait months for the season to officially begin. Am I alone on this? Does anyone else secretly wait for that next episode? What was your favorite episode? Which characters are the best and the worst? Discuss. :D

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I love Glee. I don't watch regularly, because I'm a season at a time kinda gal. BUT, I did happen to spend ALL of Saturday watching the Glee marathon on Oxygen. 


As for characters I don't like...I really can't stand Rachel. If I could reach through the TV, I'd slushie her myself.


I super love Sue Sylvester. She is so hysterical. Jane Lynch is one of the best comediennes of our time. No doubt.

Ah, Sue... Dalton, Illinois' finest!


Rachel annoys me too. I really cant stand Mr. Schuester's exwife too. If she never comes back I will be satisfied.


I love me some serious Sue Sylvester and Kirk. I hope Kirk gets that pretty a capella than sweetheart this season.


Best episodes: The "after superbowl" Zombie dance episode was fantastic (catch it on fox while you can), Neil Patrick Harris' "Dream On" cameo episode, and the Beyonce-Kirk football dancing episode. LOVE THEM.

I didn't catch the Zombie Dance episode, but the other two rocked. I thought I was going to pee my pants when all the football players started doing the single ladies dance. Classic.


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