What's your style? Do you miss the sweet simplicity of the classics like Pac Man and Space Invaders? Can you not resist the creep factor of horror genre games like Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Silent Hill? Do you get your groove on to Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero and SingStar? First person shooter games? Platformer games? RPG's?


What kind of gamer girl are you?

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I am quite the fan of old skool Nintendo games-- Mario 1-3 in particular. However, I love modern day horror genre first person shooters. Platformer games are generally not my cup of tea, as I find creative ways to die while shouting expletives of every kind. I love the Karaoke Revolution series, as well as all of the Guitar Heros. My recent addiction however is the Sims 3. Its like crack to my brain. And I admit it. My girly side enjoys all of the My Sims series as well. We have quite the extensive Wii collection of a variety of games. We do enjoy playing party games as well. I still laugh when playing Warioware.


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