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Okay, this was sooooo me when I was growing up. Right down to Optimus. He and Teela had quite a thing going for some time. They don't like to talk about it now. Still stings.
I kinda had a thing for Teela.  Rrrrrow.
I hear she's available. I don't know if it's worth it, though. Optimus Prime would be one a nasty ex-boyfriend to deal with.
I'm not messing with a guy who can create an energy axe.  It's on my "hands off" list.
Not only was this me (we had little frogs by my elementary school and they were so cute!) but this seems to already be my 7 year old. Instead of Optimus Prime it is the Avenger characters;). But you should have seen my daughter telling about the frog dissection she just did for science!
Jacqueline, this comic is based in no small part on my daughter, Isabel.  She too is entranced with frogs of all kinds.  Nerd Girls are awesome. :)

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