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Double Rainbow, OMG...it's full on!!!

This is hilarious. My favorite to to date! You totally had me ate Anti-Zombie weapon. My current front-runner is curtain rods to the temples. I'm trying to get my husband to write it into a story.
I'm glad you like it, Jessi :)  You'll be seeing a zombie in an upcoming strip!
Haha, this cracks me up so much... Hermione's middle name! Best anti-zombie weapon.. heck yeah. I've always said I'm more prepared for the zombie apocalypse than, say, a flood... or an earthquake.
Okay, now I want to hear everyone's best anti-zombie weapon.  Not that I'm going to use it in a strip or anything... (heh heh).

That's a really tough choice. They all have pros and cons. The hubz and I have been discussing it now for 20 minutes. I'm gonna have to think on this a while. 

Hilarious. I'd say a plain old shotgun. It's always effective. The fancy weapons always jam.
The problem with a shotgun is that you have to have bullets stocked.  I say a shovel.

If I may add my two cents (both of which were stolen from Max Brooks, Master Zombie Author) and suggest a Shaolin Spade.  Much like a shovel but weaponized and having extra length.  For up close a Trench Spike - designed to puncture the brain of soldiers in WWI.  For distance I cannot imagine wanting anything else than a rifle with a handgun for closer work.

The main disadvantage of my melee weapons is they both would require special training and you'd have to make sure you got real ones, not brittle replicas. 

Not that I've spent too much time thinking about this.  Heh.

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