Looking for an official Nerd Girl Central reviewer.

Hey, ladies-


I get several offers for video games, apps, gadgets, etc. that I would love to feature on Nerd Girl, so I'm looking for an official tech reviewer or two or three. :)


This isn't a paid position, but you would get to keep whatever products you review.  Leave a comment if you are interested!

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I'd love to be a part of this too!  Right up my alley...  I love anything techie!

That would be very cool!!! I love doing tech reviews!

OHHHHHHHHH If you get anymore openings please let me know, Id love to participate!!!!

Oh, gar! If it isn't a hundred years too late, or you end up needing someone else to help review - I'd LOVE, like, REALLY SUPER LOVE, to be apart of this!
Oh I would love to be involved in this too if there's still a chance - I absolutely love reviewing anything tech or electronics related! :)
So i'm totally late on this, but if you have anything left over you can totally, like for sure, send it my way!
Oh absolutely if the offer is still open!
You can add me to the list if you get a plethora of goodies :) come on ladies.. Best movie to use the word plethora is?..

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